We are sorry, but we have bad news for you!


It’s 2050 and, unfortunately, global warming has won the battle. It's getting too hot on planet earth and the ocean has started rising too high, destroying many homes and pieces of land. Our safest solution is to leave this planet, fly into space, and find a new home suitable for survival to start again...


And guess what? We got lucky! After many years of exploring the universe we have found some weird blocks floating far away above our heads. We can now say with precision that there are exactly 3333 blocks of land composed of water, dirt and even lava in it, suitable for life!


We need to move quickly, guys! We are actually loading our spaceships with various resource producing devices that we have on earth such as our solar panels, wind turbines, and even some oil drilling machines. (You never know what we will find on these different lands, right?).


The most difficult choice now is to select 3333 people to colonize these lands that we named SolPlaces... 

Will you be one of them before it's too late?


We have decided to install one resource producing device on every SolPlaces. For example, you can have a Solar Panel, a Wind Turbine, an Oil Drilling Machine, or others machines that you will discover later (our government loves surprises). 

We already know that each of these machines will not produce the same amount of resources. The exact amount of production will be known when we have colonized the SolPlaces. 

Our government decided to redistribute the royalties (in Sol) of secondary sales to every SolPlaces citizen, depending on the amount of resources produced per SolPlaces. 


This is often called a DAO Program by some humans. One of the government members said it’s even better if a person owns multiple resource devices (No Spoiler).




You will win 10, 20 or 30 SOL if you mint one of these three gold planets:

10 SOL

20 SOL

30 SOL


Mission 1 - Loading Starships

‣ Locate all 3333 SolPlaces in the universe
‣ Create Website & Social Media Accounts to inform the population of a new planet suitable for life  
‣ Programmatically generate the 3333 property titles
‣ Pre-launch Starships Marketing Campaigns

Mission 2 - Starships Launch

‣ 3333 SolPlaces available to colonize (MINT).
‣ Expanded Marketing Campaign to inform people on Earth that we’re safe up there
‣ Available on one Secondary Market, if you decide to come back to planet Earth
‣ Rarity Chart revealed

Mission 3 - 100% SolPlaces Colonized

‣ Shipping the 60 SOL Cash Prize to 3 lucky Gold Winners
‣ Influencer Partnership Announcements (Elon Musk failed with Mars?)
‣ Starting the [RPP] Resource Production Program (royalties redistribution to SolPlaces citizens) Also called DAO program

Mission 4 - Building a New World

‣ SolPlaces added to more Secondary Markets
‣ Supplying starships with new equipments to install on every SolPlaces 

Mission 5 - Metaverse

‣ Utility Token creation with airdrop to every SolPlaces citizen. 
‣ All SolPlaces will be connected together, to create a unique new planet where you can peacefully live. (More to come)


What is SolPlaces?
SolPlaces is a collection of 3,333 generative planets that exist on Solana blockchain. We are a tight-knit community that decide to leave planet Earth to rebuild a better world far away to earn passive income.
Why Solana?
Come on, you know why. It is the best community (and no gas fees). It is the perfect place to validate the property titles so you can enjoy your new life on these planets.
How and when are the requirements to get a SolPlaces?
The public mint will be announced soon. Join our Discord & Twitter to be informed.
Will you do a pre sale?
YES! We will send a first starship with 333 people in it to be sure these planets are suitable for life. Presale price: 0.5 SOL (voted by the community on discord).
How much is the mint price?
The price will be announced soon. It won't be high! Join our Discord & Twitter to be informed.
Which wallet can I use?
Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Sollet.
Which marketplaces will be available?
We are in talks with Solanart, Digital Eyes, Magic Eden. We will announce it officially when everything is in place.
What makes the SolPlaces so special?
EVERY SolPlaces will have a resource device on it that will generate passive income at different levels. We will redistribute the secondary sales royalties and EVERY SolPlaces holders will have a chance to earn passive revenues paid in SOL.
Where will I see my SolPlaces?
You will be able to visualize it on your wallet and in our directory. Every SolPlaces will have its own address and you will be able to see who is living around you.
Will you create a token?
YES! The SolPlaces Token will be the utility token for SolPlaces Metaverse. Every NFT holders will be airdropped of the token. More info to come / you are early.


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